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"Our business is to compress your links".

Why we created a URL Shortener service?

We have many websites and online services and we needed to track all links that we posted in social networks, email marketing campaigns, banners, promoted content and links in our sites. So we created at the beginning for our own use and now we are focusing in providing branded URL shortener services for customers. 
We were not be able to use other external URL Shortener service providers because:
  • Owning a URL Shortener was strategic for our business (so we created this one).
  • Many URL Shortener services have a short life span because of the difficulty in maintaining the service and dealing with issues (growth, spam, infra-structure, updates, hacker attacks, database consistency, broken links, support...). Before cutlk.in, we used some URL Shorteners that are not online anymore and we lost many links.
  • Other URL shorteners were limited and didn't have the features we needed (full stats, security, personalized links, IP list from user clicks and more)

Who we are?

We are an Internet software development company based in India created in 2016 with a team of software developers, engineers, marketing specialist and designer. Our company is started by the students of SRM University in 2016.

Main team:

Vikrant Guleria


Co-founder, developer (algorithm, new features, frontend, software integration, API, specifications), webmaster, product designer 



Raman Thakur 


Co-founder, developer (optimization, security, sysadm, spam filters, scalability, backend, software architecture), business operations 


Rahul Saklani


Marketing, business development and social media


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